Press Release: Loved Ones of Lost Cyclists and Pedestrians Come Together to Urge Government to Mandate Side Guards for Heavy Trucks  

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NOVEMBER 28, 2011
Loved Ones of Lost Cyclists and Pedestrians Come Together to Urge Government to Mandate Side Guards for Heavy Trucks
Monday November 28, 2011
TORONTO – The loved ones of cyclists and pedestrians who have lost their lives in truck collisions gathered today to urge Transport Minister Lebel to mandate safer roads by legislating compulsory side guards on heavy trucks. The group included friends and family members of Jenna Morrison, Jessica Holman-Price, Greg Stobbart, Ulrich Hartmann, and Ryan Carrier – all of whom died in grievous accidents involving heavy trucks.
“Our loved ones would never have died in these accidents if side-guards were on trucks, just as the coroner report from 1998 explains” said Mathew Remski friend of Jenna Morrison. “The number of lost pedestrian and cyclist lives will continue to rise, as the federal government continues to ignore the common- sense solution that will ensure fewer fatalities in truck collisions,” he added.
The group spoke to the necessity of making Bill C-344 – The Cyclists-Pedestrian Protection Act into law. NDP Transport Critic Olivia Chow (MP for Trinity- Spadina) re- introduced the bill in the House of Commons on November 14, 2011, in memory of Jenna Morrison. The family members and friends joined together to create Safe Trucks, a campaign that aims to put pressure on different levels of government to make safer roads for everyone. The group will launch their website today “” in order to spread awareness to cyclists and pedestrians, and to reach out to others who have lost loved ones in truck collisions.
In her latest letter to Minister Lebel, Chow points out several key reports that support the implementation of Bill C-344. Her letter details the 2001 study by the European Transport Safety Council which reports that flush-mount side guards would reduce fatalities to pedestrians and cyclists in side collisions by 45%.
Chow also points out that flush-mounted side guards reduces the use and cost of fuel, which means that the initial cost of installation would be recouped within 2 years. “Here is clear research that shows we can and must prevent the senseless deaths of pedestrians and cyclists,” said Chow. “Now is the time for action,” she added.
For more information please contact Mathew Remski 416-708-1536 or
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