Olivia Chow in Question Period: How Many More Deaths Before Sideguards are Mandated?

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November 28, 2011

Ms. Olivia Chow (Trinity—Spadina, NDP): The families of cyclists and pedestrians killed in truck collisions joined me this morning to call on the minister to mandate side-guards.Karen Hartmann talked about her pain in losing her husband when he was crushed. Her daughter described life without her father.Four different studies from the EU, Germany and the UK showed side-guards reduce fatalities by up to 50%. How many more preventable deaths will it take for the government to act?

Hon. Denis Lebel (Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities): Mr. Speaker, our thoughts and support go out to all those who have been involved in tragic bicycle and pedestrian accidents. We are always looking at ways to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in the presence of motor vehicles.

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