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Canadians are showing their support for change and much needed safety for bicyclists.

Bill C-344 is endorsed by some of the following great organizations:


Toronto Centre for Active Transportation: Endorsement Letter 2013-05-07

Bike Calgary: Endorsement_Letter_2012-04-10

Bike to the Future: Endorsement_Letter_2012-04-25

British Columbia Cycling Coalition: Endorsement_Letter_2012-01-10

Canada Bikes: Endorsment Letter 2013-01-29

Citizens for Safe Cycling: Endorsement_Letter_Sideguards_2012-02-14

City of St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador: St_Johns_Resolution_FCM_Sideguards_2009-03-01

Federation of Canadian Municipalities: Letter_to_Denis_Lebel_Sideguards_2012-09-20

Halifax Cycling Coalition: Endorsement_Letter_Bill_C-233_2012-04-28

Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition: Endorsement_Letter_2012-01-23


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