Jenna Morrison: Condolence Motion to the Toronto City Council

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Moved by: Councillor Ana Bailão

Seconded by: Councillor Mike Layton

The Mayor and Members of Toronto City Council are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Jenna Morrison on November 7, 2011.

Jenna Katherine Morrison, beloved partner of Florian Schuck, caring mother of Lucas Morrison Schuck, and sweet daughter of Darlene Burke, was the beating heart of several Toronto progressive communities. She worked to knit together Toronto yoga practitioners through inspired volunteerism, and she served on the board of the Huron Co-op School, which Lucas attended.

She was an outstanding yoga teacher and massage therapist who specialized in women’s reproductive health, and she had the unique ability to make every client feel like a family member. Her plucky maternal influence extended throughout the many Toronto studios and clinics that claimed her as their own. As a cyclist, she embodied in daily life the values of gentle ecology, frugality, and on-the-ground engagement with the city that she loved.

Relentlessly friendly, tirelessly hopeful, witty, affectionate, inclusive, and unconventional, she inspired and uplifted hundreds. Her sudden absence has created a vacuum in the hearts of everyone who knew her. This vacuum will pull us together in grief and celebration, to recreate in ourselves what we have lost. We miss her terribly, and thank her for everything.

The City Clerk is requested to convey, on behalf of the Members of Toronto City Council, our sincere sympathy to Jenna Morrison’s family.

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