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Jenna Morrison: Condolence Motion to the Toronto City Council

Research (PDF Documents):
Transport Canada Aerodynamics Fairings Study, 2007

SWOV – Dutch Road Safety Research Institute, report on side guards and fuel efficiency, 1996

National Research Council Truck Side Guard Study, 2010

Monash University Truck Sideguards Study, 2002

London School of Economics British Cycling Economy, 2011

European Transportation Safety Council Motor Vehicle Safety Design Study, June 25, 2001

Dekra Road Safety Study, Germany, 2011

Council of Energy Ministers Fuel-Efficient Truck Study, September 1, 2009

City of Toronto Works Committee Report, 2006

Aprosys Report, Heavy Vehicles, 2004

In .doc format:
Improved Fuel Efficiency through Aerodynamic Sideguards

In .ppt format:

Slide Deck on Truck Sideguards – Background and Facts


“Recommendations for reducing cycling injuries and deaths” prepared by W. J. Lucas, Regional Coroner for Toronto, 1998.

Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists press release about the coroner’s report, 1998 (sideguards were one of the top three recommendations):

Coroner requested an update from the City of Toronto on actions taken to enhance cycling safety and reduce the chance of fatalities, 2002. Coroner’s letter: City’s response:

“Toronto Bicycle/Motor-Vehicle Collision Study” prepared by the City of Toronto, 2003. A response to the coroner’s report: an analysis of the most common types of car/bike collisions in Toronto over a two-year period:

“Dearly Departed” Memorial Map for fatal cyclist collision in Toronto. 1986-present:

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