How to Identify if Your Pet Needs Dental Cleaning

Our pets have parts of their bodies that are used on almost everything they do; their teeth. Dogs and cats have used their mouth on every activity you can think of. These pets used their mouths for grooming, eating, playing, exploring, cleaning, and even easing themselves of irritation.

Given that their mouths are an integral part of their everyday activities, it is safe to think that sometimes they tend to abuse them. They may get infections, injuries, and illnesses that develop in this part of their bodies. Being able to understand these problems and know what to do could keep your pet’s health in its ideal condition and prevent severe repercussions.

Signs To Watch Out For

As pet owners, we are responsible for taking care of our pet’s health and wellness. Anything that may be wrong with them can not be communicated but only observed. We need to have a keen understanding of how we can determine specific dental problems. These complications are not usually isolated in their mouths; this may be a problem that has developed and spread throughout their bodies. Being able to know these things and bring them to Dana Park Veterinary Hospital can give us an advantage.

We all know that pets can not speak, and the only way to determine if they are in their best condition is through keen observation. There are signs that we need to watch out for that can signify an illness is present. If you are interested in what these signs are, here are the signs you have to watch out for;

Bad Breath

Bad breath in pets may indicate poor dental hygiene or periodontal disease according to a Redding vet dentist. Gum disease can be an infection that can be challenging to spot on the onset. If you notice that your pet unexpectedly has bad breath, bringing them to a vet dental practitioner will undoubtedly be excellent. Bad breath is typically the first sign of dental problems. Knowing this fact is a benefit to a pet owner.

Swollen Gums

Swollen gums could indicate an infection. This causes pain and discomfort for our pets. Getting medication to alleviate pain and fight infections should be a priority. Infections may also be caused by other issues. Being able to consult a vet internist should also be considered.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums in our dog or cat can be a serious problem in animals’ internal systems. These may be a complication with their mouth or something that has affected their internal organs. Being able to talk to specialists must be done urgently.


Teeth cleaning is not just a human need but also a necessity for pets. The mouth is a part of our pet’s body with multiple uses. The illness that our pet’s mouth can have could have severe repercussions. Being able to get specialists to address these problems is an important action in maintaining pet health. We are accountable for the health of our pets. We need to ensure that they get the best care from both the owner and veterinarian alike. Being able to give these to our pets guarantees that they can live comfortable and long lives.