Road Safety Tips for the Easter Weekend

Since the Easter weekend approaches, families all around South Africa are planning holiday excursions to better and wetter areas of the nation. A concern for authorities throughout the nation is always that of Road Safety within the long weekend. South Africa has some of the worst Easter weekend road accident figures in the world annually. This Report takes a look at some useful road safety tips you can take in to Ensure Your journey is a safe one:

1. Plan your route

Among the first and easiest steps you can take in order to get a safe journey would be to plan your trip well. Road safety starts with staying on major streets and avoiding quiet areas in which you may be vulnerable. Another helpful road safety plan is to inform a friend or relative who’s not with you about your path and your own trip. Update them regularly on your progress so that feeling can be increased if they don’t hear from you as anticipated.

2. Buckle up!

By law, all passengers in the car are needed to be strapped in at all times, irrespective of whether you are sitting at the front or the rear seat. The driver of the vehicle is solely responsible for making sure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up. If anything were to happen and one of the passengers is hurt due to not being strapped in, street safety rules say that the motorist is going to be held accountable.

3. Drive carefully and lawfully

This might seem absurd, but make sure to drive carefully and stick to the rules of the road. Make sure that you, as a driver have your permit on you constantly. Drive well within the speed limit and obey all road safety signs along the street. Finally, bear in mind that although you are on vacation and want to have a fantastic time, drinking and driving is strictly against the law and may severely affect your driving, especially when driving long distances.

4. A few closing basic road safety tips:

  • Make Sure you plan your refueling stops nicely to avoid ending up on the side of the street awaiting breakdown assistance to get there.
  • Keep your eye on the street a hundred yards before you, this way you can spot animals and pedestrians and take action if they are in your line of driving.
  • Do anything you can to avoid stopping on the shoulder of a highway. When there’s an off-ramp accessible, pull off there, otherwise, find a place where you’re well off the street. Road safety strategies don’t stop as soon as you’ve stopped your car. Being next to the street is a dangerous place to be and you need to stay mindful of what is happening around you.
  • Make certain you have pre-packed road safety equipment packed in your car in the event of a breakdown. Be certain you have the necessary tools to change a tire, a spare tire, warning triangles, a mobile phone, and a torch if you get stuck in the dark.
  • Maintain a list of numbers to call in the event of the emergency. Remember 10111!

These are simply a couple of basic tips to ensure your safety on the street. These road safety tips can go a long way in ensuring that you arrive at your destination safely. Let us improve our nations road safety statistics in 2010 and reveal our 2010 world cup traffic that we’re a cautious nation.