The Difference Between a Restoration and a General Contractor

Do you know what to do if a natural catastrophe strikes your company or home? Should you contact a general contractor or a restoration expert for repair services if your building has been damaged by mold, fire, water, or other natural catastrophes?

What is the role of a general contractor?

A general contractor is a specialist that manages renovation and construction projects for homes and businesses. General contractors offer labor, supplies, tools, and equipment. They give everything necessary to accomplish the building job. Typically, general contractors work on new projects, such as installing a new roof or an extension to a structure.

A general contractor will assist you in conceptualizing your project from the bottom up. They will collaborate with the city on appropriate plans and permissions. Occasionally, they use specialist contractors such as masons, roofers, carpenters, etc.

What differentiates a restoration contractor?

In the following respects, restoration contractors vary from general contractors.

Typically, they offer emergency response services 24/7.

The immediate home restoration services in Naples are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, should an emergency arise. Most restoration professionals deal with specializations such as water or fire damage and provide free consultations and prompt emergency solutions.

They will provide property protection and board-up services.

Restoration contractors, unlike ordinary contractors, provide services to safeguard and protect your property after a tragedy. In the event of property damage, repair professionals will promptly board up your home to prevent further flooding or vandalism. 

Additionally, board-up services provide the restoration contractor more time to concentrate on the property’s repairs without worrying about future damage.

They provide housekeeping services.

They will restore objects damaged by fire, smoke, water damage cleanup, etc. Cleaning and returning items such as legal papers, devices, certifications, antiques, and media may be restored. Ultrasonic technology is used by restoration businesses such as Roth Companies to offer specialized services for repairing water, fire, smoke, sewage, and property damage.

Associates with your insurance provider.

Restoration businesses will collaborate with your insurance carrier to guarantee that your property is fully restored and that any claims are submitted promptly. This means that you can chill and unwind, knowing that all paperwork and claims are being handled correctly and that the restoration firm will ensure that you obtain all essential coverage.


General contractors will not work in circumstances where restoration contractors would. This involves mold and mildew remediation as well as sewage cleanup. Professionals in restoration can readily manage regions requiring particular care and treatment. 

They specialize in the cleanup or restoration of health-threatening catastrophes. If you want to add additional windows, floors, a story, or a deck to your house or company, or if you want to rearrange your living or working area, you should contact a general contractor. 

General contractors have the knowledge and credentials necessary to comprehend the laws, experts, and permissions necessary to perform such projects. They are often on the bleeding edge of technology, allowing them to employ the most recent tools and equipment to do tasks more efficiently.