Why Are There Fewer Pet Owners that Bring Their Pets to the Vet?

Among the most significant responsibilities that come with owning a pet, an animal is always visiting your vet regularly. Unfortunately, many pet owners disregard this duty, leading to avoidable vet coughing.

We recently surveyed town pet parents and discovered that just 20% take their service animals to veterinarians for routine check-ups. Eighty percent would only do this if their pet critters were ill or needed emergency treatment.

Here’s Why This Trend is Wrong and How Vets Can Help

Progressive illnesses, such as tumors, are found less frequently in dogs that don’t have routine check-ups. And internet pharmacies, high prices of keeping pets safe, and reduced perceived values are putting veterinary clinics out of business.

Keeping Pets Safe

Vets should consistently emphasize that preventative therapy is essential for maintaining pets nicely, but it is much more cost-effective and less stressful. Routine visits to the vet can save everyone from a scare in the future.

For the vet, there does not appear to be any hope for improvement. Lowering costs is a surefire way to attract extra trips, but the figures don’t place you in the clear. Perhaps the most important thing a vet can do would be to improve different facets of the clinic: carefully monitor the amounts, sit down while dealing with a customer and make him or her feel as though s/he has spent a substantial period with you (making a greater expected value), and also encourage routine check-ups regardless of vaccine programs.

Keeping Pets Well within an Easy Way

Maybe an example would make the customers understand: missing the vet for two years is equal to skipping the physician for two decades.

We can’t stress this enough for pet owners. It makes no sense to neglect pet treatment for any of these reasons: cost, time, or devotion (cats despise the vet!). All three will increase the longer you wait to take your furry friend to the vet. The other reason pet owners ignore the vet is because they think it isn’t essential. With online veterinary services and pharmacies, many pet owners diagnose their pets in the home and manage them according to the Wikipedia article’s guidance.

The Internet is an excellent resource for gathering all pertinent knowledge. That information can be taken to your veterinarian appointment too –but nobody on the Internet understands your pet, your pet dog, or you personally. The inherent problem with self-diagnosis is that they rely upon generic, impersonal knowledge to fix a real, personal problem. Knowing your doctor and enabling your vet to get to respect your pet well enough to treat him or her according to his or her biochemical individuality is a far more insightful decision for keeping pets safe than focusing on a condition according to one or two symptoms.

Closing Remarks

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Pet owners: There are a zillion explanations that the pet can still visit the vet daily.


Veterinarians: There are a couple of excuses why your customers are not coming to visit you daily. Change it now by having an open conversation on your clinic’s true significance and also the definition of proficiency.